Annunciata Nunuk Wilson

Annunciata Nunuk Wilson, a Ngan’gikurunggurr woman born c. 1969, is the eldest daughter of Regina Pilawuk Wilson, and an emerging artist at Durrmu Arts.
Annunciata paints durrmu (body painting dot) designs in the traditional colours of weaving dyes: deep purples, ochres, black and red.
More recently, Annunciata has developed her painting practice and has started experimenting with sun mat, sting, basket stitch and merrepen leaf designs.
She has completed two printmaking workshops with master printer Basil Hall, in 2007 and 2009, resulting in etching and collagraphs.
One of her sun mat weaving paintings is held in the Colin and Elizabeth Laverty collection.
Annunciata works with Peppimenarti Night Patrol - she is an important leader in the community. She lives at Peppimenarti with her husband and three children.



2014        Durrmu Arts, Outstation Gallery, NT
2012        Nomad Arts, NT
2012        Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
2011        Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
2010        Prints and Pandanus, Nomad Art, NT
2010        Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
2009        Close at Hand, Caruana & Reid Fine Art, NSW
2009        Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
2008        Weaveworlds, Chalk Horse Gallery, NSW
2008        Ancient Culture. Modern Art, Club 21 Gallery, Singapore
2007        Peppimenarti Open Day
2003        Awa Yedi I Falmi Warrim Pek Durrimu, Peppimenarti