Local History

The community of Peppimenarti spearheaded the outstation movement in the 1970's when the Ngan’gikurunggurr people re-established their homeland. This coincided with new levels of local access to media technologies. In the present day, we want to extend this history of intertwined archiving and homeland projects for generations to come.



In 1973, Harry Wilson with his wife Regina Wilson and his father Brandy Mingun and wife Lulu started Peppimenarti by leaving the Daly River mission with about 300 people. The move was so they could preserve our culture and to look after the land. Without land and culture we would be nobody, people without identity.



The Wilson family was instrumental in the community’s establishment. Harry Wilson was born in Peppimenarti country, and after being removed from his family and sent to government institutions as a child, he decided to return there as an adult with his wife Regina and family, to set up a permanent settlement.

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Harry campaigned for the establishment of a cattle station within the Daly River Aboriginal Reserve, and as a result a 2000sq. km. pastoral lease was granted, and later consolidated by the Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act in 1976.