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Creative Partnerships Australia have offered to help boost our fundraising efforts through their generous dollar-for-dollar matched funding program.

All the money raised during the campaign will go to improving and expanding the programs we deliver to the community and the broader region.

In 2019, Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation is set to grow thanks to our successful application to the Creative Partnerships Australia Plus1 Matched Funding program.

Durrmu is one of 44 arts organisations chosen from around Australia alongside major names such as the Sydney Youth Orchestra, the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation, and The Wheeler Center.

This means that we have secured a promise of dollar-for-dollar matched funding from Creative Partnerships Australia, in partnership with the Australian Government. If Durrmu can raise up to $25,000 via a targeted fundraising campaign, the Australian Government and Creative Partnerships have offered us up to $25,000 of funding to match, with no strings attached.

We are excited to put our fundraising skills to the test – however, we cannot do this without your support.

Where Will Your Donations Go?

Updates on Durrmu's Recent Projects:


ILA Indigenous Language Publication

2019 is the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages. As such, the timing is right for Durrmu to announce a new Digital Publishing Project - with the aim to make language and culture from the West Daly region highly visible and accessible.

This program will be built from the ground up by the people and practices surrounding Peppimenarti's local media library (Nimbi). Extending these media assets through Digital Publishing, participants will move from a media collecting to publishing phase - extending the work undertaken by language and arts workers for the Nimbi program.

At the heart of this project is a digital literacy program that is based on an intergenerational approach. For established and emerging Ngan’gikurunggurr leaders, a Digital Publishing Program generates cultural maintenance activities that promote the status of senior knowledge holders and the tech-savvy skills of young people.

NIMBI: A Digital Keeping Place

2018 saw Durrmu Arts successfully develop the first iteration of 'Nimbi' - a culturally focussed Ngan’gikurrungurr library that offers community members ongoing access to valuable knowledge from across all the dimensions of Ngan’gikurrungurr culture: language, song, dance, stories, images and connectionstocountry.

The first of its kind in the Daly River region, community members across generations improve their digital literacy skills and preserve traditional culture via a targeted repatriation and repository program that sees them identify, gather and interpret cultural records and transfer them to the online ‘keeping place’ for local public access.

A major achievement for Durrmu was the publishing of a coffee table book of images from the archive - which sold out instantly at the Regional Arts Australia stand at the 2018 NGV Book Fair.

Read more about Nimbi HERE.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 5.21.55 pm.png

Development of Durrmu's Cultural Resources Center, local library and museum

The building of a new, regional cultural center will play a major role in the positive growth and development of the Peppi community. This new center will provide a functional, practical space for the expanding Durrmu Arts program, cultural education and learning workshops, community meetings, and a multi-purpose cultural resource center. The Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program has already offered Durrmu modest funding to help get this development off the ground.

Additionally, Durrmu is sewing the seeds for the development of a new, community-led cultural tourism program that will encompass substantial opportunities for visitors to engage with community, country and culture and be able to live on-site with the Ngan’gikurrungurr people.

More than just buildings - these newcenters will increase employment and professional development opportunities within the community.

Read more about our developing cultural tourism program HERE


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